How To Naturally Prevent Unwanted Cold Sores

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How To Naturally Prevent Unwanted Cold Sores

How To Naturally Prevent Unwanted Cold Sores

29 August 2017
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Do unwanted cold sores often develop on your lips? You may be tired of dealing with cold sores because they are difficult to conceal and tend to look bad. If you feel embarrassed about having cold sores, you might be trying to figure out what you can do to put a stop to them. There are some natural treatments that could work for you if you are persistent enough.

Use a Lemon Slice

If you have a lemon at home, slice it up and rub one of the slices directly on top of the cold sore. Because lemon is an acidic fruit, the acidity is what can help soothe irritation while fighting off the bacteria. If you do not have an actual lemon, you could choose to use organic lemon juice. Some people even use lemon essential oil. You can use any of these options on your cold sore.

Apply Ice to the Area

If you have noticed some swelling, grab a piece of ice and place it directly on top of the cold sore. Hold it in place for a few minutes at a time. It may feel extremely cold at first, but you should start getting used to it after the first few minutes. The ice could help to reduce some of the swelling that often occurs with cold sores. It may help dry the sore out a bit faster so that it can start healing, too.

Consume the Right Foods

Eating the right foods could help you avoid getting cold sores in the first place. These sores develop because of an initial virus. The best way to keep them from coming back to is to give your immune system the boost that it truly needs to fight off viruses of all kinds. There are certain foods that great for the immune system, such as sweet potatoes, spinach, and bell peppers. Citrus fruits are also great at boosting the immune system. You could make smoothies or homemade juices with some of these ingredients and drink them on a daily basis to combat viruses and cold sores.

You may be tired of dealing with cold sores all the time. If you feel like they are appearing more often than usual, try to consume foods that help to support the immune system. As soon as you feel a cold sore developing, make sure you apply ice to the area and use lemon juice as a way of eliminating bad bacteria while quickly reducing the swelling. These natural treatments could be exactly what you need to do to win the fight against cold sores.Try a remedy, like Lippease, for relief..................

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