Learn About Silajit – The Natural Mineral Resin Used In Ayurvedic Medicine

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Learn About Silajit – The Natural Mineral Resin Used In Ayurvedic Medicine

Learn About Silajit – The Natural Mineral Resin Used In Ayurvedic Medicine

7 October 2017
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Silajit is an interesting natural compound that's used in Ayurvedic medicine for health-boosting benefits. It can be purchased without a prescription and used to fight aging, gain energy, and balance your body. Silajit has a long history of use in different cultures of the world and it is becoming more popular in the West due to its many benefits and mineral composition. Here is a closer look at this substance.

Where Silajit Is Found

Silajit occurs naturally in certain mountainous regions on earth. The thick substance oozes from rocks that are exposed to the sun. The mountains of Tibet and Himalaya are two common sources of silajit. It can also be found the Caucasus Mountains as well as mountains in China and Pakistan.

What Silajit Is Made Of

Silajit is a thick substance that resembles tar as it oozes down the rocky mountainside. It is found in various colors, but the black color is favored in Ayurvedic medicine. The substance is rich in minerals and it contains some amino acids. It is also high in fulvic acid, which is said to have restorative benefits of its own. Many studies and research projects have been done on silajit over the years in different countries. It still isn't clear if the substance is biological or geological in nature, meaning scientists don't know if it originates from compressed rock or compressed lush forests over many years. It has qualities of both plants and rocks, which is what makes it a unique substance.

How To Take Silajit

You can buy silajit in various forms. It is often sold in its original tar-like state, but you can also buy it in powder form and as a supplement. Silajit is not very pleasant tasting. You can scoop out a small amount of resin and dissolve it in water or another beverage if you can tolerate the taste. Only a tiny amount of the resin is used at a time. You typically buy the tar in very small jars, but since the dose is so small, a small jar can last a long time. If you find the taste too much to handle, taking supplements in capsule form may be the best choice. However, it's possible the resin or tar is more effective since it is less processed.

If you want to treat a medical condition with silajit, you should consult an Ayurvedic or natural health doctor or practitioner for advice. If you want an overall boost to your well-being, then you can take silajit with the hopes of gaining more energy, reducing brain fog, and enhancing your sense of wellness. Since silajit is becoming more popular, several manufacturers offer the product. When choosing your silajit, be sure to buy a reputable brand you can trust so you can avoid contaminants, and so you get the best results from taking the mineral substance. Contact a supplier, like Lotus Blooming Herbs, for more help.

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