Marketing Health Children's Food

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Marketing Health Children's Food

Marketing Health Children's Food

16 November 2017
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Health food for adults is an easier battle than it is for children. A lot of children are picky and may not be resigned to eating raw vegetables and drinking sugarless juice. One of the uphill battles that you will have to climb is figuring out how to make food fun, nutritional, and appealing enough to be purchased by prudent parents. If you have a brand new health food line to market to kids and parents, here are some ways that you can get the whole family to enjoy your nutritional products. 

Create pouch product samples

Before launching your product officially, you will need to drum up some publicity. The number one question that the parents will have is the ingredient list for the product. Children will often want to know what the product tastes like and looks like. To make both of these groups happy with a soft launch, put your product in a squeezable jar or inside of a small pouch. On the back, list the ingredients and how the product is made. If your product is completely raw and made by hand, be sure to list this. Make sure that the pouch is see-through so that the children can see the ingredients and flavor to pick their favorite. 

Make it convenient

No matter how nutritious your food is for children, it will be difficult to get parents, daycares, and schools to invest in if the product is not convenient to give to children. Your items should come in packages that are easy to recycle or can be reused by sending back to your headquarters or by parents reloading from the main jar. Along with convenient packaging, include anything that the children will need to consume the product, such as straws or spoons. To make your product more enticing, provide stainless steel straws or spoons that are good for the environment and can be utilized every time. 

Tout the good the product does

Along with a product that is nutritious, it provides a bonus to parents if the item is known to provide more health benefits. Explain the benefits that have been tested and proven true about the ingredients of your product, such as the aid of good eyesight, help with mental concentration, and the support of physical growth. Add these alongside the nutritional facts on the back of your custom packaging. If any health-conscious parents are on the fence about your product, information on product performance for your child may convert them into a long time customer. 

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