Vaping CBD Oil: Tips For Beginners

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Vaping CBD Oil: Tips For Beginners

Vaping CBD Oil: Tips For Beginners

16 January 2019
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If you are looking for a new way to manage your headaches, ease anxiety, or perhaps deal with some ongoing pain, you may want to try vaping CBD oil. CBD oil is great for fighting pain, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms. And vaporizing it delivers it to your bloodstream faster and more efficiently than ingesting it. It may take you a little while to get the hang of vaping CBD, but here are some tips to guide you. 

1. Buy your CBD from a reputable distributor.

CBD oil is not illegal—in any state. It does not get you "high" like THC, although it does have therapeutic benefits. Because the CBD industry is so new and is not highly regulated, there are some scammers out there selling products that are either diluted or do not contain as much CBD as they claim. Steer clear of these scam products by only buying your CBD from a reputable distributor. A dispensary with an actual storefront and a history in the community is a good choice.

2. Consider a disposable vape pen.

There are two main ways you can vape your CBD oil. You can buy a reusable pen, also known as a battery, and then buy cartridges to fill that pen. Or, you can buy disposable vape pens. With disposables, you throw the entire apparatus away when the cartridge is empty. While you may ultimately want to invest in a reusable vape pen, you should consider trying a disposable pen the first time. They are cheaper, and if you decide that CBD is not for you, then you won't have wasted your money on a reusable pen.

3. Start with a low dose.

Vaporizing CBD affects everyone a little differently. You may only need 2 puffs to feel the effects, but a friend might need three. The best approach is to start by just taking one puff. Wait about 5 minutes to see how you feel. (The effects happen quickly.) If this was not enough, increase to 2 puffs—and so forth. Note that CBD cartridges come in different concentrations. If you buy a low concentration cartridge and have to take more than 3 puffs to experience effects, you might want to go for a higher concentration the next time.

4. Inhale slowly and steadily.

Take your time inhaling, and hold your breath after you have breathed in the vapor. This gives the CBD time to be absorbed by the blood vessels in your lungs.

With the tips above, your first time vaporizing CBD should be a success. For more information, reach out to dispensaries near you.

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