French Lavender: Why It Brings Up So Many Wonderful Thoughts, Imagery, And Feelings

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French Lavender: Why It Brings Up So Many Wonderful Thoughts, Imagery, And Feelings

French Lavender: Why It Brings Up So Many Wonderful Thoughts, Imagery, And Feelings

8 March 2019
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Talking woman to woman, if you say things like "French milled soap," or "French lavender," a lot of ladies get that glazed over eye look and say, "Mmmmmmmm." Guys may wonder why, but the ladies know. ​They know that French lavender is a luxury, and that it brings up wonderful thoughts, imagery, and feelings. Here is why this purely purple flower makes so many weak in the knees. 

​It Is One of the Most Soothing Scents in the World

​There are only so many soothing scents in this world, and lavender is one of them. It is very hard to describe, beyond being light, flowery, aromatic, and with a hint of sun-drenched field (if sun drenched fields have a scent, that is). The oils of this flowery plant have been added to everything from chocolate bars and cuisine to laundry detergent and warming oils for your home. 

​The Oils, Flowers, and Leaves Are All Anti-Inflammatory

​Not only does this flower soothe your nerves with its inviting scent, but all of the parts of the plant contain anti-inflammatory properties. Place it over scratches and bundle it over wounds to reduce pain and swelling. Organic French Lavender essential oils can be used in a rub for tired muscles. Grind it into a powder and bathe in it to reduce rashes and dry, inflamed skin. 

​Fields of Lavender Grown in France Are Exquisite to Behold

​The French lavender fields have been photographed dozens of times. Why is that? Because for acres and acres, all the way to the horizon, you see all of these beautiful, full deep green and bright purple bushes hugging the ground. The pictures are so vivid you can practically smell the lavender in the air in that picture. People who have actually seen these lavender fields say there is nothing else like it. 

The Flowers Were Often Cut and Given as Romantic Presents in France

​Ah, l'amour! As only the French know it, flowers, especially flowers given in love which could be used to cure much of what ails you, is a very romantic gesture indeed. French men would give them to their ladies as medicine, as bath additives, as mattress and pillow stuffers, as a means of making a parfum l'huile (perfumed oil), etc. These days, the flowers are still given as a sentimental gift and used in natural health care medicine, but they are also used in expensive French soaps that signify wealth, prosperity, and luxury. 

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