Healthy Ways to Take Care of UTIs That Don't Involve Antibiotics

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Healthy Ways to Take Care of UTIs That Don't Involve Antibiotics

Healthy Ways to Take Care of UTIs That Don't Involve Antibiotics

16 April 2019
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If you're someone who is concerned about UTIs and who likes to choose healthy alternatives when it comes to treatments, then this article is designed for you. While prescription treatments such as antibiotics are popular, there are also healthy and natural methods that you can choose. Here are a few of the more popular ones.

Ditch the Soft Drinks for Water

One of the most important things you can do to help with urinary tract infections is to boost your H2O intake. The more clean water you drink, the less likely it is that you will end up with a UTI. This is because clean water will help you flush out any bacteria that you have in your system. That is not the case with soda, juices, and energy drinks, which cause you to have to process lots of chemicals or sugars. Clean water is ideal for the woman who is looking to remain healthy. So, make sure that you have a good source of healthy water at your disposal (filtered or bottled), and drink enough to stay hydrated.

Choose a Healthy Probiotic

Probiotics are great for your body, and it's important to make sure you have enough. These are the "good" bacteria that help your body fight infections and all of the bad bacteria that are out there. You can get probiotics in anything from yogurt to kefir, but if you are not used to eating these foods you might want to get a probiotic pill. This is a fast and efficient way to get all of the healthy bacteria into your gut (where you want it to be) and to be in a great state to fight off the harmful bacteria that you have to deal with. When you are checking the store for these pills, you should look at the refrigerated section since many health foods and natural health care stores keep them stocked here.

Natural Supplements for UTIs with Cranberry

Cranberry has always been associated with helping to prevent urinary tract infections. While some people go the route of drinking cranberry juice, that is not as beneficial as taking a natural supplement that has a concentrated form of the pill in it. What you want to do is choose a supplement that has utilized a concentrated form of the cranberry and will allow you to get all of the beneficial elements without having to drink a sugary cranberry drink (which is not beneficial).

In addition to cranberry, these natural supplements are designed with many ingredients, such as vitamin C, to help battle urinary tract infections. These pills are great because you can take them to class/work and you don't have to worry about packing special food. You will want to take these with water (which is good because you will be able to get more water, which, as was mentioned, is important).

In addition to these, keep an eye out for other natural supplements for UTIs that you may be interested in.

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