How And Why To Use CBD Flower Over Oils

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How And Why To Use CBD Flower Over Oils

How And Why To Use CBD Flower Over Oils

22 October 2019
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When most people talk about using CBD, they are referring to using CBD oil ― which is an an oil that has been infused with CBD obtained from hemp plants. However, there is another way to harness the benefits of CBD, and that is to smoke or ingest CBD hemp flowers. These flowers are the original source of CBD. They're much like the flowers derived from the cannabis plant, but they do not contain THC, the component that makes you feel "high" — only CBD, the component known for its therapeutic benefits.

So why would you use CBD flower instead of CBD oil, and how do you use the flowers? Take a look.

Benefits of CBD Flower

When you use CBD oil, the only active compound you are ingesting is the CBD. While CBD is therapeutic, there are an array of other compounds in hemp that also have benefits. Known as terpines, these scented components are what give hemp its odor, and they can also work to enhance CBD's action. When you smoke or otherwise utilize CBD flower, you are getting the benefits not only of CBD, but also of these terpenes. 

CBD flower is also a pure, natural product, which means you can be more assured of its safety and quality than you can with CBD oil. With CBD oil, there is always a chance that the product contains more or less CBD than stated, or that it has become contaminated in some way. CBD flower is essentially picked from the plant, dried, and sold — a simple process with little to no room for error.

How to Use CBD Flower

Using CBD flower is a bit more challenging than just eating CBD oil. Many people choose to smoke the flowers. You would break them up into small pieces, add them to a glass pipe, and then inhale as they burn. 

An easier method, and one that is a little easier on your lungs, is to vaporize the CBD flower. You would put the whole flower in a vaporizer apparatus, which would heat to the exact temperature at which the CBD and other active components become a vapor. The vapor you inhale would be smooth and cool, as opposed to the sometimes harsh and hot smoke generated in a bowl.

Whether you choose to smoke or vape it, CBD flower is a great product that can help with issues from anxiety to headaches.

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