Considerations for Proper CBD Dosage in Pain Management

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Considerations for Proper CBD Dosage in Pain Management

Considerations for Proper CBD Dosage in Pain Management

29 September 2020
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Cannabis and cannabidiol, CBD, is quickly gaining strength in the pain management field. If you do not want the high that comes with marijuana, CBD is a great option as the second ingredient found in marijuana. Therefore, if you are one of the many who are struggling with chronic pain, CBD gummies are a viable option for you.

Knowing How to Take Gummies

There is no set number of gummies that you should take, but there are various ways to determine where to start. When you are shopping for full-spectrum CBD gummies, you will see they come in either 10mg or 25mg. Since there is no known overdose amount, the amount you can take will depend on what effect you want. Always start with the lower amount to see how it affects you and then increase as desired. The biggest thing to take into consideration with CBD gummies is the sugar content.

Determining Gummy Dosage

Similar to prescription medication, it is hard to know how much CBD you need to take to start and you will want to consider some trials to find the perfect amount. Here are a few of the determinants to help you find your proper dosage. 

  • Bodyweight: Any chemical you put into your body, natural or man-made, will break down differently based on your body weight. People who do not weigh as much will need less CBD than a person who weighs more.
  • Pain Level: The amount of pain you are in will play a factor in how much CBD you need to intake to see any relief. It is also possible that if you are experiencing high levels of pain, you may require a straight CBD oil in addition to a gummy to prevent high sugar levels. As your pain levels decrease and become manageable, you can take a lower dose of CBD to help maintain comfort.
  • Tolerance Level: It is possible to build up a tolerance to the effects of CBD as you take it over time. This is another reason it is important that when your pain decreases, you lower the dosage so an increase will have noticeable effects.
  • Concentration Level: Not all CBD gummies are made the same. While they may have the same milligram dosage, the quality of the CBD can vary. Make sure you know where you are buying from and if you change brands, adjust the dosage.

Using Weight for Dosage

If you are just beginning to dive into the CBD world, the best place to start is dosing based on your weight. Similar to medication, bodyweight will change how the chemicals work in your system. There are three different weight groups to take into consideration, and each weight group will need to take more or less for effect. The following guide is a good place to begin.

  • Lightweight: People who weigh between 86 and 150 pounds will want to start with 12mg for mild effects, 15mg for moderate effects, or 18mg for strong effects.
  • Medium weight: If you weigh between 1151 and 240 pounds, you will want to start with 18mg for mild effects. From there you can go up to 22.5 for moderate effects and 27mg for strong effects.
  • Heavyweight: People who weigh over 241 pounds can handle 22.5 mg and see only mild effects. 30mg is a good starting place for moderate effects and up to 45mg for strong effects.

When it comes to pain relief, there is an option outside of prescription medication. However, it is a good idea to consult with a holistic physician to help you find the best dosage to handle your pain and get you back to normal life. Contact companies like 502 Hemp Wellness Center to learn more. 

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