4 Ways To Purchase CBG

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4 Ways To Purchase CBG

4 Ways To Purchase CBG

27 October 2020
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Cannabigerol is less well-known than cannabidiol, although it comes from the same plant. Like CBD, CBG is sourced from hemp plants. It can be extracted and crafted into a number of health supplements for people who suffer from many conditions. CBG is an excellent way to soothe your pain, encourage sleep, and ease depression. If you'd like to take advantage of CBG's medicinal qualities, add it to your diet after consulting with your doctor. Here are four ways you can purchase CBG:

1. CBG Hemp Flower

Hemp flower is harvested from hemp plants when it's still at the bud stage. Hemp buds are dense and dark green in color. They're highly aromatic, with a distinctive, pungent scent. Hemp buds may feel slightly sticky to the touch, especially when fresh. You can get CBG into your system by purchasing hemp flower high in CBG. Certain strains of hemp bud, like Desert Snow hemp, are bred to contain a high quantity of cannabigerol.

2. CBG Oil

If you don't want to smoke or vape CBG hemp flower, you can choose CBG oil instead. CBG oil is made by extracting hemp oil from hemp seeds. The hemp oil is then refined to remove other cannabinoids, leaving only CBG. CBG oil can be administered by mouth. Some people choose to drink CBG oil alone. If you find the taste or texture of CBG oil unpleasant, you can add it to food or other beverages.

3. CBG Capsules

CBG capsules are a mess-free alternative for someone who wants to ingest CBG orally. CBG capsules contain hemp extract. These capsules can be taken with food as needed. Many people take CBG capsules twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. CBG capsules are portable. You can easily take your bottle of CBG pills with you to work or simply leave it in your car.

4. CBG Ointment

Some people prefer to use CBG topically. While CBG has wonderful internal uses, it can also soothe pain when used externally. CBG ointment allows you to apply CBG wherever you need it. People with arthritis can rub the ointment directly on their aching joints. Athletes who struggle with post-workout soreness can also benefit from CBG ointment. Topical CBG can also relieve acne through its anti-inflammatory properties. Look for CBG creams that contain cinnamon, capsaicin, or menthol to take advantage of these plant extracts' analgesic properties as well.

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