Common Statements About Facials That Just Aren't True

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Common Statements About Facials That Just Aren't True

Common Statements About Facials That Just Aren't True

27 May 2021
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Facials are something that a lot of people like to talk about, but not all of the information that gets tossed around is true. If you want to get the most from your facials, it's helpful to be well informed. So, take a look at these common statements about facials that are based in more myth than fact.

#1: Facials Are Just for People With Acne.

Facials can be really helpful for people with acne blemishes. However, those are not the only people who can benefit from facials. People with dry skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, and even diagnosed skin conditions like eczema can benefit from having facials. Your practitioner will recommend different facial steps and ingredients based on your skin condition and your needs. 

When people make this statement, they are sometimes thinking of extractions, the process by which estheticians and dermatologists remove the contents of blemishes and blocked pores. Extractions are really only necessary for acne, and they can be part of a facial, but they are not synonymous with a facial.

#2: You Can Do the Same Facials at Home for Less.

You can give yourself a facial at home, and doing so can be beneficial. However, at-home facials are not a replacement for professionally done facials. Professionals are able to look at your skin and determine which specific ingredients and steps are best suited to your needs. They also have access to professional-grade products that you may not have access to as a non-professional. If you can't afford regular, professional facials, you may want to have a professional facial every few months, and fill in with at-home facials in between appointments.

#3: Facials Are Painful.

There can be some short moments of discomfort during a facial if you have extractions performed. However, most would not consider this process especially painful. Similarly, there may be some slight burning if your esthetician uses an exfoliating solution as a part of your facial. But again, there should not be any overt pain. Most people find that their face feels better and more comfortable after a facial. Pain is not a reason to avoid facials if you think you could benefit from one.

Hopefully you now know a little more about facials! If you have any other concerns, don't hesitate to ask your esthetician before your appointment. Most are happy to tell their patients more about the ingredients they are using and the processes they prefer.

For more information about facials, contact an esthetician in your area.

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