Everyday CBD Topicals To Keep On Hand

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Everyday CBD Topicals To Keep On Hand

Everyday CBD Topicals To Keep On Hand

28 March 2022
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Some CBD topicals are really specialized. For instance, you might see a CBD arthritis rub or a CBD serum for eczema. But not all CBD topicals are like this. Some are far more versatile and really worth keeping on-hand in your medicine cabinet as a "just in case" item, or even for regular use. Here's a look at a few of those more everyday CBD topicals to try.

CBD Lip Balm

Many people use lip balm either daily or occasionally. It's good for keeping your lips moist in dry weather or for treating minor chapped lips before they get too sore. CBD lip balm is often more effective than your ordinary lip balm, largely because CBD is really good at soothing inflammation. Since inflammation is to blame for a lot of lip irritation, this works well. The CBD can also help ease pain if your lips are starting to chap and bleed a little.

CBD Lotion

Sure, there are lots of specialized CBD moisturizers for faces and hands. But if you want an everyday CBD moisturizer that you can keep on hand and use in place of your ordinary lotion, then you want to look for a general-purpose CBD lotion in a large bottle. These lotions tend to have lower concentrations of CBD than facial and hand moisturizers, so you can use them all over your body without feeling too relaxed or over-affected.

CBD Shampoo

You may not want to use CBD shampoo every day — although many people do. But it is a good, versatile product to keep on hand for days when your scalp is itchy, your hair feels unusually dry, or you developed sunburn on your head. It's simply soothing, and it is good for your hair and scalp on days when ordinary shampoo might sting or make your scalp too dry.

CBD Soap

Another good, versatile product to look for is CBD soap. There are both bar and liquid varieties. CBD soap gives you an easy way to incorporate CBD into your routine on days when you need it. You don't have to change anything about your routine aside from using a different soap than you usually use. It will soothe dry skin, ease itchiness, and make you feel relaxed all around.

The above CBD topicals can all have a place in your cabinet. You may not need them every day or even every week, but when you do need them, you will be glad they are there.

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