4 Tips For Using Natural Body Butters

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4 Tips For Using Natural Body Butters

4 Tips For Using Natural Body Butters

14 September 2022
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Natural products, such as body butter, contain no artificial chemicals or preservatives that may be bad for your health. Instead, they combine all-natural ingredients to help you care for your skin. These are four tips that can help you benefit from natural body butter for skin care and health:

1. Take advantage of a body butter made with different types of moisturizers.

Body butters are made from natural ingredients that nourish and hydrate skin. They get their name from their thick, luxurious texture, which spreads across the skin like butter. For effective hydration, look for a body butter that includes many different types of moisturizers. For instance, some body butters include glycerin or honey, which are two natural humectants that draw water into the skin. Ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil are occlusives that have emollient effects. These ingredients will soften the skin while trapping moisture inside.

2. Layer your body butter with other hydrating products.

Many people take advantage of multi-step skincare routines to treat all their skincare concerns. You can apply this method to your moisturization regimen as well. Layering a natural body butter over a light hydrating serum can increase its effectiveness and banish dry skin for good.

3. Use your body butter when you're fresh out of the shower.

The primary ingredients in most body butters are occlusives, which form a protective barrier on your skin to prevent water from evaporating. You can therefore make your body butter even more effective by applying it as soon as you step out of the shower. This will seal the residual dampness from the shower into your skin, increasing your skin's hydration level. As your skin dries, the body butter will be absorbed, leaving you with clean, supple skin.

4. Use your natural body butter daily.

Like many skincare products, natural body butter is most effective when used regularly. For best results, use your natural body butter on a daily basis. This will allow hydration to build up in your skin so you can avoid itchiness, dryness, and flakiness. It's especially important to use hydrating skincare products like body butter during the winter when skin is particularly susceptible to chapping and dryness. People with especially dry skin may find that they benefit from applying their body butter twice a day. You can experiment with your application schedule to find the frequency that agrees with your individual skin type.

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