Tips For Wearing Energy Healing Jewelry

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Tips For Wearing Energy Healing Jewelry

Tips For Wearing Energy Healing Jewelry

18 October 2022
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Energy healing has become more and more popular over the past few years. Many people are enjoying the mental and physical healing benefits that come with wearing various energetic crystals. Perhaps you've been interested in starting to wear energy-healing jewelry. It's not that difficult to get into, but you can probably benefit from a few tips.

1. Start with a versatile crystal.

There are so many different crystals people use for specific healing needs. Eventually, you might get into collecting some of them. However, it is best to start off with one or two pieces of crystal jewelry that have a long list of versatile benefits. For example, clear quartz will provide healing for almost anyone since it helps clear the mind and re-balance energy. Jasper is another good choice as it supports the body during times of stress. And many people like amethyst as a first stone; it is used for purification and relaxation.

2. Wear the crystal close to your heart.

You'll see crystal bracelets, rings, and earrings, but for your first piece, you probably want a necklace. This allows you to wear your crystal close to your heart, which is where it will have the greatest effect. If you are not worried about wearing the crystal for aesthetic purposes, you can even wear it under your clothing, which will put it even closer to your skin.

3. Touch the crystal when you think about it.

When you're feeling anxious, dealing with pain, or struggling with other symptoms throughout the day, reach up and touch your crystal. Meditate on its healing power for a moment or two. This tends to enhance the effects of the crystal as you're connecting with its energy mentally. Over time, touching your crystal will become a habit and your go-to move when you need its energy.

4. Have a special spot to store your crystal.

Make sure you're treating your crystal well when you're not wearing it. Have a dedicated spot where you store it, perhaps in a lined box or in a small drawer. This will help not only keep the crystal in good shape but also preserve its energy and healing powers.

Wearing energy-healing jewelry can take some time to get used to. Start with just one or two pieces of jewelry, and build your collection from there. Over time, you'll get a better sense of what crystals work best for you. 

For more information about energy healing jewelry, contact a local company. 

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